Remembering and honoring my former boss, Robert J. Dole.
The federal government has been dispensing nutrition advice for 50+ years, and we're fatter than ever. And food safety regulation is a mess. What will…
Meet the Hamilton 68 "Dashboard," or how the left gaslit the media to push the Russia disinformation hoax in the name of "Democracy."
While the media focuses another fight over the debt ceiling, Congress plays politics with the impending bankruptcies of Social Security and Medicare. Is…
Our tour ends where it begins - at the Capitol's Senate-side north entrance. But not without a stop at the Old Supreme Court Chamber.
I know how the Senate's classified documents are handled. Biden has them in his possession from his Senate service? Where is the Democrat's Howard…
The Capitol's first floor, beneath the Rotunda and its legislative chambers, has a few surprises, including how the "new" Visitor Center came to reality
A televised interview with the late Mike Wallace in 1958 is making the rounds. Huxley outlines how dictators will lead their subjects to accept and…
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